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Case Study

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LiveTrainingOnline.com utilizes desktop video conferencing to expand the classroom and offer personalized training

LiveTrainingOnline.com utilizes HearMeĀ®, a division of Paltalk, in order to offer personalized training to all levels of employees at a wide variety of businesses.


LiveTrainingOnline.com is a boutique company that offers computer training to employees at a diverse set of companies in multiple vertical markets. LiveTrainingOnline has more than 20 years of industry experience and operates on a "no student is left behind" approach to training, even going as far as re-training any student that does not pass the initial class for free.

In order to extend the potential customer base of trainees, LiveTrainingOnline set out to find a desktop video conferencing solution that would allow the company to have a presence in more locations and easily connect with trainees remotely. Because the training they offer can be anything from walking an executive through a PowerPoint presentation to training a call center representative on a new SQL data entry system, LiveTrainingOnline.com had a very specific set of requirements it was looking for in a web conferencing solution:

  • Ease of Use: Because trainees can have varying levels of computer skills, the solution chosen had to be simple enough for anyone to utilize it.
  • Ease of Set-Up: The solution chosen needed to be simple for trainees to set up and log into.
  • Video: In order to catch the non-verbal cues of students — which are crucial to effective teaching — LiveTrainingOnline was looking to have a solution that included video conferencing.
  • Dual-Sharing: LiveTrainingOnline wanted to find a solution that allowed their teachers to share documents and their desktop, in addition to allowing student to share their work.
  • Cost Effectiveness: As a small business, LiveTrainingOnline needed a solution that fit their budget, yet still offered all of the advanced functionality of a higher-end system.


LiveTrainingOnline found that HearMe met all of their needs, including offering a cost effective solution that allowed its teachers to see their students, regardless of geographic location. HearMe also provided the dual-sharing capability that the company desired, allowing them to assess their students' work, in real time, help them make corrections and validate that their students were making progress on their training.

HearMe features that were particularly useful for LiveTrainingOnline include:

  • ActiveX download: There is no software or client for users to install.
  • Interface: The HearMe user interface is intuitive and easy to use at any level of computer skill.
  • Video: It allows meeting participants to be seen and heard simultaneously.
  • Security: All meeting rooms are password protected.
  • Price points:
    • 5 person room — $29 per month
    • 10 person room — $49 per month
    • 25 person room — $99 per month
    • 50 person room — $149 per month
    • 100 person room — $299 per month
    • 150 person room — $449 per month

"Letting our students share their work, both one-on-one with the teacher, or with the whole class was a very important aspect for us," says Barbara Kelleher, Owner of LiveTrainingOnline. "Some of the more well known solutions for web conferencing didn't have this functionality, which is what drew us to HearMe initially. Our students are now receiving feedback on their work in real-time, and if they have a mistake, we can work with them to quickly make any corrections necessary."

"The other component of HearMe's offering that we found very compelling was the way in which they handled customer service," continued Kelleher. "Due to the wide range of computer proficiency among our customers, we thought that the live chat room was very helpful."


To date, LiveTrainingOnline has used HearMe within dozens of training sessions, and have been able to expand their teaching presence to include 3 states.

"HearMe lets us expand our presence to cities we've never been able to reach before," said Kelleher, "Our students love it. They don't have to go anywhere for training, and they get the personal and face-to-face teaching experience that they deserve."

Tell us about your HearMe web conference experience. Please send your comments to support@hearme.com

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