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Ten Tips for Proper
Video Conferencing Etiquette
  1. Keep your system on mute when you are not speaking
  2. Assume that you are always on camera, even when you are not speaking
  3. Make eye contact with people by always looking into camera
  4. Be aware that there is a slight delay, so be patient when asking questions
  5. Avoid wearing black or white as these colors have a tendency to interfere with the contrast of the video conference transmission
  6. Try to avoid side conversations. The microphones can be very sensitive, so you don't want people in remote locations listening in on everything that goes on in the room
  7. Direct questions to individuals by name to avoid confusion
  8. Announce when people are entering or exiting the room
  9. Don't ignore your local audience in favor of your remote one
  10. Most importantly, relax and be yourself!

What is a video conference?
  • Face-to-face meetings are vital to success. Video conferencing ensures that people are communicating at their very best with colleagues, customers, and friends, regardless of their location.
  • HearMe's video conferencing services will improve the way you work, communicate, and manage your business and personal relationships.
  • When properly implemented, video conferencing provides value to businesses by allowing people to meet without the inconveniences and costs that come with travel.
  • Corporations, government organizations, freelancers, schools and health care professionals are using desktop video conferencing for many applications including training, product development, customer service, board meetings, and interviewing.

Desktop Video Conferencing Technology
  • H.264 video technology offers the highest quality available
  • View all participants in separate desktop windows with our multi-user video feature
  • Real-time motion at 12 frames per second
  • Video and voice conferencing bundled for one flat fee
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