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What are the benefits of
voice conferencing on the internet?
  • Reduce the expenses and hassles associated with travel
  • Increase productivity and collaboration
  • Flexibility to use both telephone conferencing and audio internet conferencing at the same time
  • Remotely hire and train new employees
  • Build relationships with employees, partners, and customers around the world

Online Audio Conferencing Technology
  • Full duplex audio utilizing our patented VoIP technology
  • Bundled Audio - no incremental teleconferencing costs
  • Hands free speaking with voice activated audio controls
  • Multi-channel mixing allows three simultaneous speakers
    (creates a more natural online audio conferencing experience)
Ten Tips for Proper Audio Conferencing Etiquette
  1. Don't be late, especially if you are the moderator
  2. Always introduce yourself when speaking for the first time
  3. Avoid muting or putting people on hold
  4. Announce your agenda and keep to the schedule
  5. Clearly state when the call is over. Don't leave people hanging on an empty conference line
  6. Try to conduct your online audio conference in a quiet environment to avoid sound quality issues
  7. Direct questions to individuals by name to avoid confusion
  8. Avoid multitasking and keep your attention on the voice conference
  9. Summarize frequently
  10. Most importantly, speak clearly. Many people have difficulty processing audio information without visual prompts
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