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Desktop & Application Sharing

Why use HearMe's net meeting software
for desktop and application sharing?
  • Give online presentations and product demos in a dynamic and collaborative environment.
  • Provide remote support and maintenance without exhausting your IT department.
  • Reduce travel costs with online meetings and webinars.
  • Train employees quickly and efficiently on multiple applications.
  • Collaborate on a single desktop, sharing applications regardless of geographic locale.
  • Share files and documents safely and securely.
Collaboration with colleagues, employees, and business contacts is easy when all participants on HearMe's application sharing platform have access to the same desktop. Sharing files, documents, and presentation materials has never been so intuitive and user friendly.

Contact our customer service representatives today to discover how HearMe's net meeting software can help improve your business practices.
Desktop & Application Sharing Features
  • Broadcast and share pre-recorded video
  • Transfer files to individual meeting participants
  • Send private text messages to individual meeting attendees
  • Invite multiple guests to your sessions
  • Switch presenters with just one click
  • Real-time listings of all meeting participants
  • Hide your toolbar and desktop files for added privacy
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