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Getting Started with HearMe

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Discover how easy it is to conduct meetings directly from your computer. All HearMe members can conduct an unlimited number of live online meetings.

Note: Please use Internet Explorer as your web browser. A high-speed Internet connection is also helpful for optimal results.

Starting a Meeting:
Room owners or room administrators may invite attendees to join a meeting by emailing meeting invitations (including the URL and meeting time). To send invitations, use the 'Send an Invitation' link on the 'My Room' page of your HearMe.com account. Room Owners or administrators can also invite attendees by clicking on the "Invite" button on the bottom right of a HearMe meeting room.

Note: You have the option to create a room password on the 'My Room' page of your HearMe.com account. If you decide to use a room password, remember to include this password in your meeting invitation.


Entering a Meeting:
To enter a meeting, click on the unique, encrypted URL sent to you by the room owner and launch the room within an Internet Explorer browser. The first time you enter a HearMe room, you may need to accept/download the HearMe Active X installation by clicking to allow it on the yellow bar that appears on the top of your screen. Once the HearMe Active X runs, you will be prompted to register by selecting the 'New User? Get a Username' option.

Note: You will only need to register once per room. The next time you visit the room, you can simply enter your registered username and password.


Group Text Messaging:
Send text messages to all attendees using the text box at the bottom of the screen and by either hitting 'Enter' or the 'Send Text' button.


Private Text Messaging:
Send text to an individual attendee by right clicking on their username and selecting 'IM User' from the drop down menu.


Set your microphone control via the drop-down arrow next to the 'Push to Talk' button at the bottom of the screen. There are three audio settings: 'Push to Talk', 'Open Mic' and 'Voice Activated'. We recommend using the 'Voice Activated' setting in most situations.

  • Use the 'Push to Talk' setting by pressing and holding the 'Push to Talk' button when you want to speak. Attendees will only hear you if you are selecting this button or holding down your CTRL key.
  • Use the 'Open Mic' setting if you would like attendees to hear your voice and all background voice in the room in which you are sitting.
  • Use the 'Voice Activated' setting to speak freely into your microphone. Attendees will only hear you when are speaking.

Note: Select the 'Wrench' icon (the advanced settings button) from the bottom right of the screen to run an Audio/Mic check.


Show Video:
To show your own webcam video, make sure a webcam is attached to your computer and select 'Start my Webcam' from the 'Video Options' drop down on the top right of the screen.


View Webcam Video:
Click on the 'View Video' drop-down on the top of the screen – this will display a list of all the attendees currently publishing their webcam videos – and select the attendee’s video you wish to view. You can use the Plus and Minus buttons on the top right of the strip to resize all the videos. In addition, videos can be launched in a separate window by right-clicking on the attendee's name and selecting 'View Video as Separate Window' from the drop down menu.


Sharing Documents:
To share a document, select either 'Share an Open Window' or 'Share an Office Document' from the 'Video Options' drop down on the top right of the screen. Use 'Share an Open Window' to select from previously opened documents. Use 'Share an Office Document' to share an office document (PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents) from your computer.


Viewing Documents:
To view a document, you can either left-click on the 'Document Icon' next to an attendee's name or right click on the attendee's name and select 'View Broadcast' from the drop down menu.

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