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HearMe Overview

  • What is HearMe?

    HearMe is an online meeting service allowing individuals or business owners to conduct online business meetings with clients and contacts in a low-cost and convenient manner. Also, educators can use HearMe's web meeting services to teach students around the globe.

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  • What can I do with HearMe?

    HearMe gives you a variety of features for your online meeting — including video, audio and web conferencing:

    Conduct unlimited meetings from your desktop.

    • collaborate with people down the hall or across the globe
    • always on & available for impromptu or scheduled meetings
    • meeting rooms support
    • host an unlimited number of simultaneous meeting participants
    • free for participants to join meetings

    Live Web-based video conferencing via Internet Explorer.

    • H.264 video technology — highest quality
    • mutli-user video — view all meeting participants in separate desktop windows
    • 12 frames/second provides real-time motion
    • bundled video & voice conferencing — one flat fee

    Share files, documents and applications securely.

    • transfer files to individual meeting participants
    • send private text messages (IM's) to meeting attendees

    Play pre-recorded videos.

    • create a virtual screening room where everyone sees the video simultaneously
    • upload the video to HearMe's media library
    • real-time streaming of video
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  • How is HearMe different?

    HearMe provides a very easy service with no downloading required. With a low monthly fee, you get unlimited usage of voice & video conferencing with full duplex audio utilizing our patented VoIP technology — and with no incremental teleconferencing costs. HearMe offers H.264 video technology (the highest quality available) and real-time motion at 12 frames per second.

    HearMe increases productivity, decreases costs and generates revenue opportunities because the benefits received from this online meeting product are realized more frequently, by more people.

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  • How does voice & video conferencing work?

    The video & voice conferencing features are bundled into the flat monthly fee. HearMe is packaged with unlimited teleconferencing and video at no extra cost.

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  • Where do I go for more information?

    Please check the HearMe website for the most recent information regarding HearMe. Also, contact our Customer Care department via email at support@hearme.com.

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How Do I...

  • Start/schedule a meeting?

    Room owners or room administrators may invite attendees to join a meeting by emailing meeting invitations (including the URL and meeting time). To send invitations, click on "Send an Invitation" within the "My Room" page of your HearMe.com account; or click on the "Invite" button in the bottom-right area of a HearMe meeting room.

    (You have the option to create a room password on your "My Room" page. If you decide to use a password, remember to include this password in your meeting invitation.)

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  • Join a meeting?

    Click on the unique, encrypted URL sent to you by the room owner and launch the room within an Internet Explorer browser. The first time you enter a HearMe room, you may need to accept/download the HearMe ActiveX installation by clicking to allow it on the yellow bar that appears on the top of your screen. Once the HearMe ActiveX runs, you will be prompted to register by selecting the "New User? Get a Username" option.

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  • Send a group text message?

    Use the text box at the bottom of the screen, and hit "Enter" on your keyboard or click on the "Send Text" button within the browser.

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  • Send a private text message?

    Right-click on an attendee's username and select "IM User" from the dropdown menu.

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  • Teleconference?

    Set your microphone control via the dropdown arrow next to the "Push to Talk" button at the bottom of the screen. There are three audio settings to choose from:

    Push to Talk: Press and hold the "Push to Talk" button when you want to speak. Attendees will only hear you if you are selecting this button or holding down your CTRL key on your keyboard.

    Open Mic: Attendees will hear your voice and all other background voices in the room in which you are sitting.

    Voice Activated: You will be able to speak freely into your microphone. Attendees will only hear you when you are speaking. (This setting is used the most.)

    (In the advanced settings button, select the wrench icon in the bottom-right of the screen to run an audio/mic check.)

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  • Show my webcam?

    Make sure a webcam is attached to your compter and select "Start my Webcam" from the "Video Options" dropdown, on the top-right of the screen.

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  • View someone's webcam video?

    Click on the "View Video" dropdown at the top of the screen, which will display a list of all the attendees currently publishing their webcam videos. Select the attendee's video you want to view. You can use the "+/-" buttons on the top-right of the strip to resize all videos.

    To launch videos in separate windows, right-click an attendee's name and select "View Video as a Separate Window" from the dropdown menu.

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  • Share a document?

    Select either "Share an Open Window" or "Share an Office Document" from the "Video Options" dropdown on the top-right of the screen. "Share an Open Window" allows you to select from previously opened documents. "Share an Office Document" allows you to share a PowerPoint, Excel or Word document from your computer.

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  • View someone's document?

    Either click on the document icon next to an attendee's name, or right-click on the attendee's name and select "View Broadcast" from the dropdown menu.

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  • Upload a video?

    Select the "Present" option from the main menu. Then select "Upload Video to Library" and choose the appropriate file. HearMe will convert your file to a Flash format so it can be played in the room. Only the room owner or administrator may select and play a video.

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  • Play a video in the room?

    Once a video has been uploaded to the library, the room owner can play a video in the room. Select the "Present" option from the main menu and click "Video from Meeting Library" option. Select the video you would like to play.

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Getting Started

Purchasing HearMe

  • How do I buy HearMe?

    Go to "Buy Now" and choose your subscription plan. It only takes a few minutes, and you can select either a monthly or annual plan. Each account allows for unlimited meetings with up to 150 attendees. If a 150-person room is too small for you, Contact us to receive a larger one or a custom solution for your organization.

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  • Is there a demo?

    Yes. A free demonstration of HearMe is available here. The demo is available for viewing Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm EST.

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  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes. You can get a free 14-day trial of a HearMe meeting for 5 people when you register with a valid credit card. You can cancel at anytime during the 14-day trial and your credit card will not be charged.

    If you decide not to cancel during the free trial, your credit card will be charged $29 and then charged every month thereafter until you decide to cancel. There are no contracts, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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  • Can HearMe be licensed?

    If you are a reseller or distributor interested in licensing HearMe, please contact support@hearme.com and include your name, email and phone number.

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HearMe Security

  • Why am I prompted to install something in my browser?

    HearMe is a plug-in for your browser allowing you to attend multimedia-enabled conferences over the internet. To do this, HearMe installs itself as a plug-in for your browser the first time you visit a HearMe-enabled website. Allow the ActiveX plug-in to install by clicking on the alert bar at the top of your browser window, or select "install" if an alert box appears.

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  • Will HearMe work behind a router or within a network?

    All "off the shelf" routers for home or small business will work just fine with no configuration needed. Highly secure corporate networks may block ports that are vital to the function of HearMe. If this is the case, try HearMe from an alternate connection to verify if this is the problem. Then contact your network administrator to correct it.

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  • Can I connect to HearMe with my firewall running?

    If you have a personal or corporate firewall, please ensure you allow access to the following outbound TCP connection:

    As long as this outgoing connection for TCP is satisfied, you will be able to connect to & use HearMe's voice and video features. This port is outbound and to a specific TCP/IP; so this shouldn't be a significant security concern.

    If you aren't sure how to make the above configurations, please consult your company's IT department or your firewall's instruction manual.

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  • Will HearMe work in 'hot spots' — areas with WiFi?

    Yes. Any available WiFi connection will work just fine, provided that you have permission to access the service. Hotels and hot spots may require you to log in to use the service.

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  • Is my online meeting secure?

    Absolutely. HearMe incorporates advanced encryption for all sensitive account information such as username passwords and room lockwords.

    HearMe uses a proprietary protocol to communicate with our servers. HearMe servers are located in locked-down and inaccessible datacenters. HearMe connects to our private protocol server that delegates multiple private connections to one of several voice & video servers. These connections change IP address and port number each session, and are therefore unpredictable.

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  • Can I catch a virus or be exposed to spyware in a meeting?

    Absolutely not. HearMe software uses a proprietary CRC authentication on the main ActiveX component. All binary program files are digitally signed with the internet standard VeriSign certification. Users are connected to a central server system, rather than directly to one another; therefore the chances of contracting viruses from fellow users is nearly zero.

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  • How do I ensure that only invited attendees join my meeting?

    As the meeting host, you have the ability to set up a password before someone can enter the meeting room. To set up the password, log into your HearMe.com account and click on the room name on the "My Meetings" page. The password can be edited within the "Security"

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